How are Columbia County leaders dealing with the county's growth?

Friday, Jan. 31, 2020
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COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WRDW/WAGT) – Almost 3,000 apartments in Columbia County show just how much the area is growing, but 500 more are coming this year.

So how are county leaders dealing with the growth?

From new apartments to townhouses to homes, the growth here doesn't stop.

Ross Trulock is a realtor with Blanchard and Calhoun. As 42 new townhomes on Avenel Lane go up, they're not having any problem selling them.

"It's pretty impressive,” Trulock said. “The real estate market is seeing a pretty good rush and we've experienced it here. We're selling houses before we get them out of the ground, before they're closing."

There are 2,633 townhouses and 2,667 apartments in the county -- with nearly 100 townhouses and 500 apartments under construction this year.

"I think we'll see continued growth,” Scott Sterling, the planning services director of Columbia County, said. “It's how we manage it and how we deal with the growing pains of becoming a larger community."

Sterling says two of the biggest development projects are Grand Oaks at River Island and the old Marshal's Square spot.

While apartments are on the rise, Columbia County added more than 700 new single family homes. There are also two new subdivisions -- Misty Meadows and Anderson Farms.

“A lot of rural areas don’t want to see 200-300 unit subdivisions in their backyards,” Sterling said.

But growth is constantly changing the landscape in Columbia County.

With all this development, of course, means traffic. That’s one of the biggest problems county officials say they face in the future.

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