He lost his arms and legs to a life-threatening disease, but his heart is full from the community's love and support

Tuesday, June 04, 2019
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BURKE COUNTY, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- We met Christopher Grubisa last year. His legs and arms were amputated after getting diagnosed with a life-threatening form of meningitis.

The Burke County Sheriff's Office has been working to build the Gurbisa family a new home and they are close to finishing it.

Back in January on Christopher’s birthday, they actually started construction on the house, now they're just a few months away from finishing it up. Christopher's family says they can't wait to move in.

The last thing Christopher remembers before his life changed forever was driving with his kids.

“When I got home, I had a pain in my right arm,” Christopher said. “I couldn't put my truck in park or turn it off, so I had my oldest go get my wife to do all of it, and then after that it just goes to black.”

For almost four months Christopher was in a coma with a rare form of meningitis that led to septic shock.

“The first time I woke up, it was a lot different. Not a very happy person, you know, go to sleep with everything -- the next time you wake up it's all gone,” Christopher said.

That was the end of January 2018. That following March, the sheriff's office started raising money to build Christopher and his family a new home. As of today, the land, many materials, the labor have been donated. They've also raised $76,000, but they still need $50,000 more.

“It'll give me space to move around easier,” Christopher said. “It'll be home. We won't be having to rent a house. It'll be a house for us to just live in ‘til forever.”

It’s a relief for Christopher.

“Never thought in a million years people from different places would come together to unite as one to help,” Christopher said.

The community may have shocked him, but he’s inspired many.

“You got to give as much love as you possibly can,” Christopher said. “I mean, it's important to love one another and that's strangers, anybody.”

They hope to have the house finished in just two or three months.

If you want to donate you can write a check out to Christopher Grubisa and drop it off at the Burke County Sheriff's Office or you can go to the Burke County Sheriff's Office Facebook page to donate to Christopher's GoFundMe.

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