Two fires in one week leaves two families displaced.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- What started out as smoke, quickly grew to flames.

"We ran outside and we saw the house was in big flames," said Arikah Smith, a neighbor.

A neighbor's door bell camera shows the moment the fire started, but as the wind picked up it grew.

People living on Crown Heights Way were in disbelief last night as they watched their neighbor's home burn to the ground.

"My mom came banging at the door, and she was like its a fire," said Jamahini Martin.

"I was kind of nervous and anxious at first."

Fire officials say no one was injured, but the mess left behind was heart breaking.

There was ashes, collapsed walls, and broken windows.

It was the same scene for Graniteville mom, Brientley Bass.

"It just kind of seemed like a dream, it didn't seem real," said Brientley Bass.

After flames destroyed her home a week ago, she was left homeless.

She and her five children had nothing left but memories.

"I just kind of wanted to see if there was something that might have blew out the window, or anything that might have been salvageable," said Ms. Bass.

Nearly a week later and it's still a tough scene to look at.

She says donations from the community have kept her and her family afloat, buts she knows there's a long road ahead.

"This is real this is happening you know what are we going to do next," said Mrs. Bass.

This is a thought this mom had had ever since the fire, a question the family in Grovetown is now faced with, and a fear other families have as the weather gets cooler.