Graniteville pastor opening home for women recovering from addiction

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Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019
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GRANITEVILLE, SC (WRDW/WAGT) -- A Graniteville pastor is opening a home on Monday to help women recovering from addiction.

Gary Farina, the executive director at Recovery Road Missions and the pastor at Millbrook Baptist Church, is opening this 14-woman home to help those who struggle with addiction. He got the idea when someone from his church asked him to visit his daughter who was in jail on drug charges.

"I ended up going to the jail to visit her and built a good relationship with her and helped her when she got out," Farina said.

He said he realized there were no long-term recovery homes for people battling addiction, so he set out to start one.

"I've already selected two women to come in here," he said. "I'm starting slow because we want to make sure the program is working right. I want to make sure the house manager has things under control and just make sure the program works before I fill this house up."

The women in the house will face a 10-month journey. Farina said they'll start by working on themselves and their relationship with God.

They'll then go through job training, Bible studies, and have the opportunity to earn a GED. Farina said it'll take a lot of work, but he's excited to see what these women become.

"What a blessing it would be when they could get out that they have a job, they have money in the bank, they know how to be a mom to their kids again, and they build those bridges back with their family," he said. "Because a lot of those bridges are broken."

To get into the home, women have to apply online, and Farina said there's a strict vetting process. If selected, there is a $250 entry fee, though Farina said if they can't pay it immediately he won't turn them away.

After that, the women only have to pay when they get a job, and it will be $100 per week.

Farina said Recovery Road Ministries is working on building a men's home next.

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