Giddit app delivers nearly anything to CSRA neighbors

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Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019
(News 12 This Morning / News 12 First at 5)

Augusta, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- After a long day of work do you really want to go shopping? How about grabbing Nyquil late at night but, not wanting to throw the kids in the car?

A new app called "Giddit" is making getting it easier.

"Giddit is an on-demand delivery service that delivers just about anything except for kids and prescription drugs," Johnny Guillory explains.

2019 is here, which means we want things fast and we want them now.

"It's really a convenience for families. Delivery doesn't have to be for the millennial that lives downtown in the cool area it can really help," says Alona Guillory.

In order to use the app all you have to do is enter a bit of information and push a button, and just like that the driver receives a notification.

"It'll do that until I accept it or reject," Kamyah McCall explains.

The app is basically taking what all your apps do now and combining them because the couple says they know what it's like to deal with the hustle and bustle around town.

"We have small children so loading them up in the car while my husband was at work it was a feat it became more of a job to get to the grocery store than anything," says Alona Guillory.

Giddit is currently only available in the CSRA and the company has about one hundred drivers. They are available between 6 a.m. and midnight.