Friends and neighbors watched as investigators searched Cruey's yard.

Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Eddie Cruey has been missing for more than two months.

"It doesn't feel right," said Mark Rojas, a neighbor.

Eddie's friends were still in disbelief.

"Its just becoming a lot more realistic, he really passed is no with us," said Lisa Sistare'harkins.

Many of his friends say it was terrifying to see the deputies surrounding Eddie's home.

They say deep down inside they knew he wasn't coming back.

"There is a big chance that we may not see him again," said Rojas.

His friends say the chances of finding Eddie were very slim.

"I kept hoping that we were going to find him he has just been off the grid for a couple months," said Sistare'harkins.

After months of investigating, all the family and friends really wanted was closure.

"We have been putting up posters, we've been interviewing neighbors, talking to everyone we can talk to, going through news media," said Andy Cato.

"We've created a reward for information to bring Eddie home."

He says this has been an ongoing effort.

"They're on pins and needles. As you can imagine it's very hard for them right now. They want to bring him home but they don't want to hear the results."