Flooding issues across the CSRA

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Friday, Dec. 13, 2019

The I-20 EB on-ramp at exit 1 is flooded. (Source: Belvedere Firefighters)

(WRDW/WAGT) -- As rain continues to fall Friday morning into the afternoon, flooding is becoming an issue in parts of the CSRA.

After 12 hours, an estimated one-to-three inches of rainfall had accumulated on the ground. Hours later the issue persists.

The following places have been reported to News 12 as problem areas:

- Interstate Parkway, Augusta: The exit to Doctor's Hospital is blocked by water.
- Rita Avenue, Belvedere: Callers say their yards are completely flooded
- 700 Ravenell Road, Augusta: A car was partially submerged in water along the roadway, causing traffic backups.
- Heather Drive and West Lake Forest Drive: There's heavy flooding at Lake Aumond.
- Exit 1 EB I-20: The on-ramp at exit 1 and I-20 EB is flooded. Some traffic is being diverted to exit 5.
- Conselyea Dr. off Ingleside Dr.: Homes are flooded.
- Wimberly Dr. off Peach Orchard Rd.: Homes are flooded.

Check back with News 12 as the list is continuously updated Friday afternoon.

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