Flooded with feces: Enclave Apartments in Augusta appear to have a serious sewage problem

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Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Imogene and Marcus Harris had serious plumbing issues in their Enclave Apartment unit. The issues in the unit have been resolved, but Harris says there are more issues to settle.

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- Although Enclave Apartments is located down the street from Augusta National, there is no magnolia smell in the air. Instead, sewage is flowing from a pipe into the parking lot between two buildings in the back.

"My husband can [smell it]," said Imogene Harris, an Enclave resident since December 2017. "He's got a better nose than I do."

In the parking lot outside Harris's building, sewage water flows from a pipe, pooling in the parking lot. Instead of cars, the parking spots between buildings 26 and 27 are filled with water, toilet paper, and feces. And Harris said this has been going on for a while.

"Every time it rains, then that's what happens," she said.

Harris said in addition to the parking lot problems, sewage was backing up into their toilet and bathtub. She said those issues were fixed, but the parking lot remains a problem.

Some people who live in the units have kids, and Harris said she doesn't think it's safe for them to play outside.

"There's a couple of safety issues. Not only the water but the hole itself," she said. "I can only imagine if a kid accidentally fell in there, it would be awful."

When asked about the issue, Enclave Apartment management responded simply: "It's getting corrected."

Management had the same response when I told them some residents had doubts because of the number of times this has happened.

The city code enforcement department was not able to comment, but said it has an inspector looking into the issue.

Harris just hopes this all comes to an end.

"I feel now more motivated to do this on behalf of the other residents that are in those other two buildings," she said. "Just to get something done about it. To get to the bottom of why it's happening."

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