After 655 days, Preston Overton's family finally has answers in his death

Saturday, April 6, 2019
News 12 at 11 O'Clock

Preston Overton

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- Three of the people involved in the murder of Preston Overton learned their fate Friday.

Joseph Krepps was given a life sentence with a chance of parole. Austin Verdi and Emily Stephens were found guilty of tampering with evidence. Verdi was sentenced to six years confinement and three years probation. Stephens got one year confinement and four years probation.

Preston Overton was missing for 665 days. The grandfather of Preston Overton's kids, Adam Clyburn, says the most heart-breaking part through it all was not knowing.

Earlier this week, the family says investigators found Preston's bones on Highway 56. The man who was charged in his murder, Krepps, told investigators where to find the remains in exchange for a life sentence with a chance of parole.

Preston was known as a good father to his two kids Anthony and Autumn. Family says they are the spitting image of Preston and knowing they'll grow up without their dad is the hardest part.

"I know that she won't be able to call her daddy and tell her daddy this and tell her daddy that and stuff like that," Adam Clyburn said. "It's pretty sad. When I look at her I see him because she looks just like him and I think of all the things she's going to miss out on."

Family says that they feel like they can rest easier knowing that Preston has been found and now, they can have a final resting place for him.