Family Halloween party in Burke County ends in five arrests

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Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019

BURKE COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Five people were arrested after a family Halloween party in Burke County turned chaotic.

It happened Saturday night at Burkestone Apartments. The family tells us they were having a family costume party when deputies knocked on their door.

Burke County deputies say they were doing an area check of the apartments to follow up on drug usage complaints. They say they smelled marijuana while they were approaching one of the buildings.

Deputies say when they approached a group standing outside, one person allegedly took flight and went into an apartment. That's when they approached the apartment where the Halloween party was happening.

Burke County deputies say when a man opened the door, they smelled marijuana inside the apartment. Family, meanwhile, tells us there was a fog machine for the party.

The three deputies say they told everyone to come out, but they refused. When deputies went to reach for the door, they say a man, Michael Jones, Sr., pushed the deputy and then 10 to 15 people came rushing out and started pushing and pulling on the deputies while they tried to detain Jones, Sr.

Family tells us there were children there are the time. They say they were not told why deputies were there in the first place.

Burke County deputies say the incident was recorded on the body cameras. They say they used a stun gun on Jones, Sr. because he was uncooperative. They also say someone attempted to remove a deputy's gun from the holster.

Burke County deputies charged Michael Jones, Jr., Michael Jones, Sr., Davon Jones, and Shameana Spencer with obstruction of a law enforcement officer. We are working to learn the name of the fifth person. One person was also charged with trying to take a deputy's gun.

The Burke County Sheriff's Office says they anticipate additional arrests.

We are working to get a copy of the body camera video. Stay with us for more developments on this story.

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