Even at a distance during coronavirus crisis, local residents aren't in it alone

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- Despite all the talk of social distancing, even when we’re alone, we don’t have to be alone.

Those of us having to work from home know it all too well.

Face-to-face contact is through a screen — so sure, we’re electronically connected, but we’re also disconnected.

So if social distancing is making you feel distant, you might want to check out social media — specifically, a Facebook group called the CSRA Coronavirus Support Group.

A friend invited Shauna Prickett to check it out.

“People were posting about, you know, there’s toilet paper in this place or there’s hand sanitizer here or there’s Lysol here, or the bread truck just left here,” Prickett said.

It’s news everyone can use, but one post about distilled water caught her eye.

One of the group’s members would eventually need some for medical reasons — just as she would need some for the CPAP machine her husband uses to mitigate sleep apnea.

Together, but still separately, she and the other group member started looking, and Prickett would send him messages when she struck out.

“Of course, you can’t find anything anywhere,” she said. “I went to five different places in North Augusta and still couldn’t find any and so I let him know that I wasn’t having any luck.”

She looked for days, and her husband was starting to run out of distilled water.

Then a Facebook message offered hope.

“He ended up finding some, and he was just like, ‘Where do you live?’” she said, and he dropped some off at her doorstep.

“So it was really nice.”

He wouldn’t take any money — just a stranger helping a stranger.

“Yeah, never met him before, ever,” she said.

In some very strange times.

Times when we’re supposed to isolate from each other.

When people are reaching out for more than just toilet paper or distilled water.

They’re looking for comfort.

“Not necessarily like a material tangible resource but just mental health,” Prickett said, “and I was so, ‘It’s been nice to see everybody kind of support each other.”

JOIN THE GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/231497894698043/

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