A new store in Augusta opened by an Army major offers only American-made products

Monday July 8, 2019
News 12 this Morning

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Independence Day may be over but, downtown Augusta now has it's own little piece of America year round.
American Journeyman is embracing what it means to be a proud American.

"Regardless of your economic circumstances or your familial background, you have the opportunity to change your stars by being an American and I think that everybody wants the opportunity to be who you want to be and live your life in the way that you want to live it," said American Journeyman owner and United States Army Maj. Amanda Bryan.

"The best thing for me to market and the thing I believe in the most is actually supporting American manufacturing so I realized a retail business supporting American manufacturing served a great need and was something I was truly interested in."

American Journey offers more than red, white, and blue hues, but little pieces of history you can't find elsewhere.

"This piece in particular was recovered from an old timer who was using it for roofing material out in a shack in North Carolina so, we brought back home and this double sided porcelain piece is one of the most expesive pieces here," Bryan said.

Bryan says nearly everything inside the store, down to the flooring is American made; something she explains was hard to achieve because, nearly sixty percent of the products sold in the United States are manufactured overseas.

"The Federal Trade Commission guidelines say that all or virtually all of the product must be made, manufactured, and assembled in America," Bryan said.

There is, however, a catch to some items inside of American Journeyman. A few sock racks and plastic odds and ends within the store are not considered American made which is unfortunate, but is also another way for her to spark yet another conversation about America.

"For everything I couldn't find that was truly american made it gave me an opportunity to talk about why we need to bring those aspects of manufacturing back," Bryan said.

The soft opening for American Journeyman was June 21, 2019. Amanda is still working out the details for a grand opening but, she's planning for the first week of August.

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