ECI student in custody after taking gun to school

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TWIN CITY, GA (WTOC) - A student is now in custody after being caught with a gun at Emanuel County Institute on Wednesday.

The sheriff’s office says a teacher noticed some warning signs and notified the resource officer. Officials interviewed the student and searched the bookbag, where the unloaded handgun was found.

Officials ran the gun through their system and found that the gun had been reported stolen the night before, after an entering auto case.

Chief Deputy Rocky Davis says there was no indication of threats from the student or any signs that he was going to use the gun. Davis says they believe he was going to transfer it or sell it to someone else.

“I think the staff and our school resource officer did an excellent job - especially the school teacher for being so alert and recognizing some warning signs, and not leaving that up to debate or denying what she saw and she went ahead and acted on it," said Chief Deputy Rocky Davis, Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office. "And again, not that we think there was any kind of threat or specific threat, it did end the situation and allow us to recover a stolen gun.”

The sheriff’s office says there are a lot of rumors on social media about this incident. They asked us to make it clear that all the students at ECI are safe and no one was harmed.

The 16-year-old student is being held in the Youth Detention Center in Claxton. He faces many charges including theft by taking, possession of a weapon by a minor, possession of a weapon on school grounds, and carrying a concealed weapon.

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