Drivers beware: there are more potholes than usual

Sunday, January 13, 2019

AUGUSTA, Ga.. (WRDW/WAGT) - SCDOT launced what they call a "Pothole Blitz". It's a statewide effort where crews are fixing any potholes reported across the state.

But in both South Carolina and Geogria, potholes are popping up everywhere and it's all because of the rain.

They're a pain to drivers everywhere.

"I don't like potholes. Nobody likes those," Katrina Miller said.

"Tore up the front end of my car it's just ridiculous," Jimmy Benning said.

But now, thanks to the rain, it's more than a pain, it's a problem.

"I have noticed more potholes in the area. Especially more on the back roads," Myranda Bates said. "Greene and Telfair there's more."

Both SCDOT and GDOT say the rain has significantly damaged the roads. It creeps into asphalt and concrete joints, creating potholes.

"There definitely has been more rain and it makes the potholes harder to see because the water fills up and its black," Bates said. "It definitely loosens up more gravel and everything making them bigger and worse."

The Department of Transportation monitors state routes to see where cracks are becoming a problem. They try to prevent potholes by sealing cracks and patching asphalt, working recently on Highway 88 in Hephizbah, Peach Orchard Road and Gordon Highway.

But Myranda learned first hand what happens if it doesn't work.

"It just kind of made this awful scraping sound on the bottom of my car and I felt the dip coming back up. I thought everything was okay and then my car started making a weird noise," Bates said. "While I was going down Riverwatch, my power steering went out and my car just slowly started shutting down."

The rain has also slowed down construction, creating even more of a mess on the roads.

"There's so much construction lately that you have to kind of dodge the potholes that are naturally made and the ones the construction people are making."

If you live in South Carolina you can report a pothole at the SCDOT's pothole hotline at 1-855-467-2368.

If you live in Georgia, you can report potholes on state highways or interstates to GDOT by calling 511. For potholes around the city, that number is 311.