Dozens of neglected Grovetown horses removed from farm Friday, others within a week

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Friday, March 8, 2019

GROVETOWN, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- The fate has been decided for a group of neglected Grovetown horses.

Jose Roman Reveron-George appeared before a judge once again Friday. He will now be taken to his farm to tell deputies with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office which 15 horses do not belong to him.

Two people have claimed up to 15 of the 50-or-so horses on the property. The owners are out of state and they will not be returning to Georgia.

"It's a win for the horses," District Attorney Natalie Paine, who prosecuted the case, said. "That was the goal, just to get them into a better environment where they could receive proper care, food and water. So hopefully they'll be in a much better position."

One of the two owners says he will be coming to the area next week to pick up his horses, but if he doesn't do that the judge will redetermine what happens to them.

"[Reveron-George] is going to identify the horses that belong to those two owners in Florida so that we can identify them and get those remaining horses off the property," Paine said.

As for Reveron-George's horses and those unclaimed by owners, the state will intervene and take those Friday afternoon.