Avoid the polls, election official encourages voting from home

Friday, May 15, 2020
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(Source: WRDW)

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- Mailing in your vote is highly recommended as the pandemic goes on, but for those who still are planning on voting in-person this year, the process will look a little different.

"We are requesting that voters bring their clean face coverings with them," Lynn Bailey, executive director of Richmond County Board of Elections​, said.

You must sanitize before and after you start the voting process. And then you will then be given a reusable pen to cast your ballot.

"When they finish with that, it will deposit into a container at the exit door," Bailey explained. "They will be cleaned and sterilized for other voters that come through the process."

Bailey says because there are limited poll workers and a required sanitation process after every person, the entire voting process will take longer.

"These are the arrangements we have for the people that vote in-person. We are highly, highly asking people to do absentee voting by mail," Bailey said.

They have issued 27,000 ballots by mail, and so far, they have 8,000 back, ready to be counted.

"You mark your ballot, you color in a person's name, you fold it, and there is a privacy sleeve or envelope included in your packet," Bailey explained.

She says the sleeve protects your ballot so votes cannot be seen through the envelope as they are mailed back.

And when you are dropping off your ballots, Bailey says to be sure to sign the back of the envelope. Out of 8,000 ballots received, 50 voters didn't sign the back which is a very important way to secure the vote.

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