Augusta students get a dose of marine spirit in Marine Corps Leadership Academy

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Friday, Oct. 18, 2019
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A.R. Johnson students compete in Marine Corps Leadership Academy. (Source: WRDW/WAGT)

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- Students at A.R. Johnson Magnet School in Augusta got a special visit on Friday as a part of the Marine Corps Leadership Academy.

Marines gave the students doses of tough love and encouragement through various activities.

"What we're doing is testing the high school kids in different areas of fitness," said Sergeant Joseph Jacobs.

Students participated in activities like burpees, sprints, and pull-ups, while the Marines offered their signature motivation.

"We can be really loud around them and sometimes they look shocked at first, but afterwards, you know, having someone like us yell at them and push them to exceed their limits, they come together as a group," Sgt. Jacobs said.

It's a lesson senior Taravia Armstrong didn't know she was getting when she walked into her P.E. class, but she said she and her classmates came away from the experience better for it.

"I was trying to do a pull-up, I could not do it, but my teammates was pushing me, and it made me want to do it for them, to at least try to attempt," said Armstrong.

Teaching the students that even if they don't end up going into the Marines one day, they can still embody the 'Ooh Rah' spirit in all that they do.

"That's what the marine corp is all about, is showing you that you're able to do more," Staff Sergeant Shawn Comtois told the students.

A.R. Johnson was the third school the marines visited in Augusta, they were also at Fox Creek and Aquinas high schools.

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