Augusta settles with Melquan Robinson's family for $1.5M

Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019

Melquan Robinson, 12, pictured here, was killed last fall when he came into contact with a fence that electrocuted him. (Source: Robinson Family)

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- The City of Augusta announced it's settlement of $1.5 million to the family of Melquan Robinson. One year ago, the 12-year-old was electrocuted after touching a fence at Fleming Park.

Additionally, four other families settled with the city and will receive settlements. Three families will receive $112,000, $150,000, and $112,000. One family did receive two settlements in the amounts of $136,000 and $63,000. These are all the families of the children who were injured trying to pull Melquan off of the fence.

Robinson was electrocuted on a fence surrounding field two at Fleming Athletic Complex in October 2018.

Commissioners met Tuesday to discuss the settlement.

"No settlement amount could ever begin to mend the hearts of Melquan's parents, family, and friends who lost a beloved son," said Hardie Davis Jr., the mayor of Augusta.

The city agreed to pay out more than $2 million in Fleming Park claims-- nearly $600,000 going to the families of children who were injured trying to save Melquan that day and $1.5 millio going to the family who lost their little boy.

"He was my everything." Tina Robinson, Melquan's grandmother cried, "it just hurts so bad."

That was Melquan's grandma back in July. She told News 12 then Melquan's death must not be in vain. His legacy must live on through the changes that come at Fleming Park.

Eight months ago, Augusta commissioners unanimously voted to provide those changes immediately. Yet today, wiring and lighting has neither been repaired nor replaced and in last week's meeting, the recreation director told leaders he's waiting on final recommendations for pricing and upgrades for all of Augusta's parks--including Fleming.

In short, the improvement project for Fleming is not even underway.

Today, the city agreed to rename the park's road after Melquan, they even voted to create a permanent memorial to honor Melquan. But still, they have not yet fulfilled the requirement to actually change Fleming.

Right now, there is no timeline for the repairs and upgrades at Fleming Park. Until then, the city says the power will remain off and the park will stay closed.

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