Augusta high school students learn about food, science, and art with 'legacy garden'

Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Laney High School students are setting themselves apart with their very own greenhouse. They call it their "legacy garden", and it's part of the science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) Initiative.

These Laney students are part of the early college program, and they're growing their own vegetables.

"We had planted cucumbers and collards," said Dr. Marsha Morrman, a science teacher in the Laney program. "We started it as a means to incorporate Science Technology Engineering Art and Math into the Georgia Standards."

Students came up with the idea last year.

"They had to seek out a community problem, and one of the problems was lack of food and how could we help someone who lacked food."

That's when they got involved with Augusta Locally Grown.

"So last year we collaborated with Augusta Locally Grown and went to the clubhouse. We tilled a garden there, then we served at the Masters Soup kitchen but the desire was to have something right here on Laney's property."

This year, they were able to create their own garden at school, l encompassing steam.

"Our art teacher, who we collaborate with, had them design pallets and that's what our above ground garden was going to be based on, on the pallets."

And technology came into play with the pallets.

"If you were to go to their pallet and listen to their QR code, you could then hear their artist statement."

These students learned many things through the program, making learning fun.

"Don't always go into something thinking it will be boring all the time, because it was actually really fun!"

The Legacy Garden is a project that all freshman students in the early college program at laney will participate in for years to come.

The early college program is one of Richmond County's magnet programs, where students graduate high school in two years and move onto college.

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