Augusta family has home flood for the third time following rain

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Friday, December 13, 2019
News 12 at 11 o'clock

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- Friday the 13th proved to be unlucky for many as heavy rain brought flooding to the area Friday.

James Marsh and his wife live on Wimberly Drive off Peach Orchard Road. They saw major flooding in their backyard, and even some in the basement. They said it's the third time they've had to deal with this kind of flooding.

Water lines inside and outside show just how high the water got. Today started as an ordinary day for Marsh. He got up and went to work at Plant Vogtle. But one phone call brought back an all too familiar feeling.

"My wife called me on my lunch break and she explained to me she was going through some disaster situations here at home," he said.

It's the third time their backyard has been underwater since 2012. When Marsh got home, they got to work as the yard quickly became a pool.

"It was almost waist deep on me," he said.

They had to empty their storage sheds and move their cars to higher ground in the front yard. They had work to do inside as well.

"The water was up to here," Marsh said, pointing to a line on the pool table about five inches off the ground. "I actually think it was a little bit further than that."

"We've had to move a lot of boxes, a lot of boxes," he added. "A lot of Christmas decorations, stuff that we had in our basement."

They saved a lot this time around, but the first two times, they weren't as lucky.

"We've lost a lot of things," Marsh said. "Personal items, vehicles. It's just been really bad."

Now, with more rain on the way, they're worried about what's yet to come.

"We've got more rain coming and that's a big concern right now," Marsh said.

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