Augusta University students create art across campus for a purpose

Friday, Oct. 25, 2019
News 12 This Morning

Ary is popping up all across the Augusta University campus. (Source: WRDW)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Public art is popping up around Augusta University, thanks to a sculpture class. It's part of a class project challenging students to think outside the box.

Whatever the reason - these students found their passion in art.

"I've always been interested in sculpting and making little figurines since I was little," said college senior Mary Besel.

Now their passion is fastened to trees, taped to walls, and molded into shapes to create public art on Augusta University's campus.

"I choose the hummingbird and I went with flowers, like a color of a flower that you would kind of see around here," said Luke Russell.

Each piece has its own story that's either tied to the history of what used to be the Augusta Arsenal, or ties back to what's now considered "The Quad" on campus.

"I sort of just started from the beak and just went with the outer duct tape edge first."

Old walls are turned into murals, and gun niches are now the centerpiece for art.

"The title of my project is 'Bubbles Not Bullets'. Instead of bullets coming out of the space, bubbles are now coming into the space," said another AU senior, Talecia Cistrunk.

Even though the art is temporary, it has to be strong enough to hold up in any kind of weather.

"I think the biggest challenge is working outside no matter what the elements are."

Students also have to think about how other students may react to it.

"Actually one of my bubbles disappeared, so that's cool too. I was kind of expecting at least one to go missing," Cistrunk said.

It's art that stands out and has people taking a second look as they head to class. The students will create more public art in front of the science building in November.

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