Augusta 8-year-old warms hearts with handmade scarves for classmates

Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019
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Kendall Huntsman's act of kindness is warming hearts and bodies at her elementary school. (Source: WRDW)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- We're getting into the season of giving, and one second grader wanted to do something when she noticed some of her classmates were cold. That's when Kendall Huntsman asked her mom for help, and her new project began.

"I really wanted to make my friends happy and I didn't want to see them be so cold," Kendall told News 12.

8-year-old Kendall wears her heart on her sleeve. Her urge to help her classmates turned into homemade scarves.

Shelby Huntsman - Kendall's Mom
"She saw multiple other students doing good things around school and she decided, 'mom I want to do something too'," said mom Shelby Huntsman.

So, off the pair went to get supplies for the scarves.

"She has been absolutely great from the beginning. I had to take over about halfway through, just because her little hand started getting a little tired."

So far, they've made 250 of these scarves, and after they were completed Kendall then went and gave them to her classmates, and anyone else who needed one at Euchee Creek Elementary School.

"All of the kids if they would swarm up and grab a scarf and they were literally gone with a 20 minutes."

Kendall's message is as simple as this act of kindness -- if you're cold, take a scarf. There's no catch, just an 8-year-old with a big heart hoping to spread love. Her classmates have noticed.

"They said, 'thank you I love them so much. I feel pretty'," Kendall said.

"I even had a couple parents say that that they couldn't really afford winter gear this year, so they had to get hand-me-downs from other people, so they thanked me so much."

It's a small act that likely won't stop after the last scarf is made.

Kendall's mom says they're hoping to make more scarves, and anyone who wants to help by giving fabric or money donations can email them at

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