'Don't rush to judgment': Attorneys for Travis McMichael don't want client judged in court of public opinion

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Ahmaud Arbery, Gregory McMichael, and Travis McMichael (Source: WRDW)

BRUNSWICK, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- "Don't rush to judgment."

That was the word from the legal defense team who will be representing Travis McMichael in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial.

Attorneys Robert Rubin and Jason Sheffield spoke in Brunswick Thursday afternoon and pledged to not enflame the investigation into the 25-year-old man that was shot and killed.

Travis and his father, Gregory McMichael, have been charged with aggravated assault and murder in Arbery's death.

Arbery was shot and killed back on Feb. 23 following an incident between all three men. The McMichaels, according to police reports, have said they thought Arbery was a suspect in a burglary case.

Rubin and Sheffield are pressing the community to look at all the facts in the case before making a judgment.

"We will be presenting our evidence in a court of law, whether it's in Glynn County or someplace else," Rubin said. "The government will have an opportunity to present its evidence in a court of law. And then and only then, then you can judge."

Both men called Arbery's death a tragedy, and that they realized how much this case has divided the community.

"We know that there are strong opinions, we know that there is anger, we know that there is outrage," Sheffield said. "We are open to those opinions. We will listen to that outrage."

They also stressed not letting this case play out in the court of public opinion.

"I am so saddened at where we are in this matter," Rubin said. "People who know better than to rush to judgement, people who know better than to engage in stereotyping, are rushing to judgement, are stereotyping and that saddens me."

But the team said the investigation has only just begun on their side.

"We have invested a tremendous amount of energy effort and time in reviewing statements, reviewing videos reports. What's very unique about this case is usually you have a district attorney's office and an investigating agency who was doing the investigation and producing the evidence to hand over to us," Sheffield said.

The pair said Travis has a hearing scheduled soon that they will move to ask the judge to free him on bond.

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