'Art is cheaper than therapy': Local business gives everyone an artist's eye

Friday, January 31, 2020
News 12 NBC 26

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - One local business is giving everyone the chance to have an artist's eye.

At Artsy Me in downtown Augusta and also in Evans, you can just walk-in and create something beautiful.

"We say it's cheaper than therapy," said Cricket Willis, owner of Artsy Me. "Art is cheaper than therapy."

For Willis-- it's been like that since she opened her first studio 18 years ago.

"I love to see people creating. I like to see people come in and feel like they can't do something," Willis said. "We give them the materials to do it, and they're always happy when they pick their stuff up."

That stuff-- could be a painted piece of pottery. You can just walk in the store, pick your paint and unique design.

Lately, it's been glass artwork.

"I've always loved glass," Willis said. "I don't know, there's something-- the shine of it, the sunlight of it, sun catchers, bowls all that."

One person even created R2-D2, another created a snail. Each done through classes at Artsy Me.

"You're building something," she said. "You are moving glass around. You are working with it, but everyone always says it's so relaxing. Yet, you are working with shards of glass."

It's a delicate craft, but it's thrown into a fiery kiln. It is melted together to create something beautiful.

"They're always in disbelief of how they created that--you know what it looked like before and after it's fired," Willis said.

Whether glass fusion or pottery, art is personal.

At Artsy Me, there's no appointment needed. You can walk in and create what you want.

They also offer glass fusion classes.