Around 200 animals adopted over the weekend, that means more of your money is saved

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Monday, August 19th, 2019
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AUGUSTA, Ga. ((WRDW/WAGT)) -- Nearly 150 dogs and 40 cats left local shelters after this weekend's national Clear the Shelter day adoption event.

Not only do animals get new homes and a forever family; more adoptions save you money.

Manager of the Aiken County Animal Shelter Bobby Arthurs said, "We're thrilled, so thrilled to see empty cages back there."

On Saturday, the Aiken County Animal Shelter took part in Clear the Shelter, sending 29 dogs and 11 cats home. Augusta Animal Services, Columbia County Animal Services, and the Albrecht Center also held events. Augusta Animal Services sent home 82 animals, the most they ever have in one day.

Augusta Animal Services Director James Hill said, "What it does is it clears up space and allows us to not have to be faced with decisions of whether we have to euthanize something or not because of space."

Euthanizing costs money, so adopting animals before it comes to that saves taxpayer dollars and the animals' lives.

"Everything we do at the shelter is funded by the taxpayers," said Hill.

Taking care of these animals can be expensive too, so more animals adopted means more money saved.

Arthurs said, "We're constantly spending money on providing shelter, medication, food for these animals, so yeah its best to get them on out as soon as possible."

But saying goodbye isn't always easy for the staff at the shelters.

Arthurs said, "We do get attached to them, and it is very emotional when we see them get adopted."

While many animals did go home over the weekend, there are still plenty that needs to be adopted. All four shelters have dogs and cats ready to find their forever home.

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