Are you ready for a "furever" best friend? Here's the true cost of pet parenthood!

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Friday, March 22, 2019

(WRDW/WAGT) -- Saturday, March 23rd, is easily one of our favorite days of the year -- National Puppy Day! There's really not much like having a dog (or a cat!) of your own.

We're very pro-adoption, but we at News 12 want to make sure you're fully prepared to give a pup a new home.

So, what exactly should a soon-to-be pet owner expect when looking to adopt a new best friend? We're getting some of that information from Rover, a company that specializes in dog care and dog walking services.

Here's some of Rover's research related to new pet ownership:

  • Nearly 70 percent of pet parents admitted to spending more than half of their day caring for their puppy in the first few weeks.

  • A third of dog owners said their new puppy went out for five or more bathroom breaks a day.

  • With the special attention required of a new puppy, one in five dog owners took time off work to help their puppy adjust, while 16 percent didn’t but wish they had.

  • Many pet parents revealed their puppies chewed on clothes or shoes (58%), munched on furniture (38%), ate human food (37%), and got into the trash (35%).

So, just how much does getting a new puppy cost? There are a lot of things needed when you have a new pet, but if you already have one a lot of those costs are subtracted, like beds, crates, food bowls, stain remover, and more. The biggest costs usually come from the adoption itself.

You can always cut down on adoption costs by going to a local shelter instead of a breeder. Here's a list of some of the shelters in our area:

  • The Aiken County Animal Shelter

  • CSRA Humane Society

  • SPCA Albrecht Center

  • **If a shelter in your area isn't listed, Google "[your county] animal shelter".

It's important to be sure you can handle certain other costs before taking on a new pet as well. Some of those costs include annual checkups ($240-600 avg.), training ($240-600 avg.), apartment pet deposits ($100-500 avg.), boarding ($300 avg. per year), and more.

Having a pet is one of the best things in the world, but it is a living creature that needs a lot of care, time, and attention. We want everyone to be ready for a commitment because while your pet may not be around your whole life, you will be their whole world for their whole life if you're lucky!

So, on this National Puppy Day send us your favorite picture of your pup! You can upload those photos by clicking here and searching for the album #NationalPuppyDay!