Another major subdivision to come to Sweetwater Road

Tuesday December 3, 2019
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A new subdivision consisting of 212 homes is expected to be built on Sweetwater Road. (Source: WRDW/WAGT)

EDGEFIELD COUNTY, SC (WRDW/WAGT) -- People in Edgefield County came out to voice their concerns over yet another subdivision going into the Merriweather area.

Tavern Hill is expected to go on Sweetwater Road and will have 212 homes on 101 acres of land.

The main reason for opposition is the high density of the subdivision. Back in June, county council voted to allow developers to more than double the amount of homes they could fit in a subdivision. Originally, developers were allowed to have one dwelling for every five acres of land. With the new rule, they only need two acres.

To clarify, not every home needs to sit on two acres of land designated to that specific home. The ruling means that for every home, there needs to be an average of two acres of land anywhere in the subdivision.

But people at tonight's county council meeting were not happy with what they perceived to be added congestion.

"You were elected to represent this county and its citizens. I wish you would listen to us," said one woman as she plead with council members. "We're not against development. We understand that it's going to come. But, we stated for years that we do not want to be Columbia County. We do not want to be North Augusta."

City leaders like County Administrators Tommy Paradise say the subdivision is a change, and as with any change, it can be difficult.

"It's high density for Edgefield County. That's not what the county is used to," he said.

But, Paradise says the 212 homes is not even close to what they were legally allowed to put in the subdivision.

"We did some calculations with staff. If that was about a 12,000 square foot lot, they could put in 288 homes," he said.

Though Tavern Hill is a bit more crowded than people in the area are used to, he says the subdivision will have a familiar feel.

"It is bringing that rural feel into the community and trying to make that subdivision not only a subdivision, but a small community," said Paradise.

Plus, he says its a small price to pay for all the growth and money it will bring to the county. Paradise says when it all is built out, Tavern Hill is expected to bring in more than $300,000 in tax revenue.

Paradise says if all goes according to plan, construction will start on the project around the beginning of summer 2020.

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