Aiken County prepares for the unexpected, with new safety measures in schools this year

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Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

AIKEN, S.C.-- With the new year comes more safety measures for Aiken county.

Melinda Ball has a daughter at North Augusta Elementary school, she noticed more security measures this week while she was dropping her off. She said, "The first thing that i noticed that was different in car line was that there were more security cameras."

This year Aiken County put security cameras inside and out at every elementary school.

Chief Officer for Operations and Student Services for the Aiken County School District Dr. Shawn Foster said, "It just allows us an opportunity to first of all provide a presence in the community, to let people know that you're on camera, so what you're doing we're watching those things."

It's the first year all their schools have cameras. Ball says she is happy to see them.

"If something goes wrong you're going to have the video surveillance to prove that it happened," said Ball.

Aiken County also got new cameras for all their school buses, and radios for bus drivers so they can better communicate with the bus transportation offices.

This year they also added more doors at two schools, Foster said, "We added some security doors here where parents are now having to be funneled into the front office and can't access the school."

They will also be adding more security at sporting events.

Foster said, "We've also contracted with Sizemore Security where we now will have plain clothes security guards at our football and athletic events to assist with entry gates, maybe wanding, bag checking and those kinds of things."

Dr. Shawn foster said they are constantly working with law enforcement to be ready for the unexpected, and safety will always be their priority. He said they want the students to return home better than they arrived.

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