Aiken County parents have plenty to say following superintendent's sudden departure

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Friday, Sept. 06, 2019
News 12 at 5 O’Clock

AIKEN, SC (WRDW/WAGT) – As you can imagine, Aiken County parents had a lot to say about the sudden resignation of Superintendent Dr. Sean Alford and several board members.

Some parents are happy to see him go, while others are shocked and sad.

“We have a superintendent that has resigned, we have school board members that have resigned, but we're supposed to believe that everything’s okay,” Misty Mitchell said.

Mitchell and many others want answers from the Aiken County School District after three board members and Alford resigned.

“If I understand the process, we quickly hired Dr. Alford and now 5 years later we're looking for another one, what are we doing wrong,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell also sat on the Code of Committee when the code was re-written under Alford. She says she was not too fond of how he ran the district.

“My biggest problem was that we were building this huge multimillion dollar school facility and we didn't have a hold on our discipline or our children we're coming home with duct-taped books,” Mitchell said.

While many agree with Mitchell, there are also many who do not.

“He's gone out and communicated with the citizens for the $90 million bond referendum that was passed,” Moses Mims, chairman of the One Cent Committee, said.

“Previously when we had a bond referendum, it didn't pass,” Mims said.

Mims and Mitchell and others may not agree on Alford, but feelings aside they all want to know why.

“I think the school board owes an explanation to the citizens of Aiken County, why they took that action,” Mitchell said.

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