Aiken County neighbors angry over trash company's missed pick-ups

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Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 / News 12 at 11 o'clock

AIKEN, SC. (WRDW/WAGT) - You probably don't think about where your trash goes, as long as you put it outside every week--and the trash disappears.

But some families in Aiken county say they're fed up with a company that's been missing pick-ups.

Neighbors News 12 spoke with in Aiken County say Waste Management, who recently took over for Tyler's Sanitation, is not living up to their name--causing buildup in all the wrong places.

Dawn Jackson says the problems began in Warrenville a month ago...

"They would be very, very late picking up trash, they would spill trash into the roadways and not pick it up," she said.

Since then she's had to resort to posting pick up lines on her garbage can to get her trash company's attention.

Her latest poster says "Hey baby. Got a quarter? I need to call my mama and tell her I met the man of my dreams."

"Then at the bottom it says: 'this pickup line is for trash only.'" Jackson said with a smile.

"I've still got it after all these years," she mused.

Waste Management recently took over for Tyler Sanitation, but it's hardly been a smooth transition.

"When you work all the time, and you're busy and have a hectic schedule, it's just one of those things you don't want to have to deal with yourself," Jackson told News 12.

Dawn's problems aren't unique. On Your Side reached out on social media--and sure enough--within hours, we heard from dozens of neighbors trashing the company for missed pickups and more.

"It is super frustrating with a family of five," echoed Breannah Cleveland, who lives with her husband and three children in Graniteville.

Trash builds up fast in her household, so missed pick-ups are even more noticeable.

"They've missed my can a total of 4 times," she told News 12, clearly frustrated.

In emails over a month ago, Cleveland begged Waste Management to come pick up trash sitting outside her house.

"They said they'd have a courtesy pickup the next next day, and I didn't see them for 2 weeks," she told News 12.

And she says this "next day" promise that's never fulfilled--is becoming regular.

"We had animals go through the trash--which my husband had to pick up," Cleveland said.

As paying customers, both women are only asking for what's been promised.

"Instead of trying to give us some explanation to appease us, and get us off the phone, just go ahead and tell us…what the plan is," Jackson said.

Waste Management headquarters in Atlanta told News 12 they took over in December of 2018, so it's unclear why these problems have only been happening in recent months.

They did recently switch from Tuesday to Thursday pickups in Aiken County. They also say they didn't know of problems in the Aiken area before they were contacted by WRDW.

News 12 did get a statement from them, in which they say they are still rerouting drivers and figuring out the best days to serve Aiken County residents.

They say:"We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and we are making every effort to correct the situation."