"A whole life ahead of her and it was taken from her." A young mother killed, family still looking for answers

Sunday, March 10, 2019
News 12 at 11 O'Clock

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW)-- A young mother was found dead in her home on Thursday. Loved ones have their own suspicions, but days later they're still looking for answers.

Coupled with the red evidence tape on the white door, and the yellow sheriff's tape wrapped across the front yard, the markings on the 2800 block April Drive home show a sure sign of waiting. The waiting period is met with wanting justice for 24-year-old Karrie Braswell.

But, it's a little too painful to just wait on justice so family and friends did something special in the meantime. They created a memorial with pictures, candles and crystals on the fence, where Braswell's name will never be forgotten.

She was Karrie Braswell the daughter, the mother, and friend. All of which is shown through the pictures hanging by clothes pins on the fence.

"None of us want this to be another unsolved case," Brooke Glabas said. Glabas says Braswell was her best friend. Other best friends and Braswell's cousins and aunt stood outside the home with Glabas describing the 24-year-old who "loved hard" and "never held a grudge."

Thursday night inside the home, investigators found the young mother lifeless with at least one gunshot wound. Both family and friends say they have their own suspicions about who did it and why but Richmond County deputies have neither confirmed suspects nor leads on this case.

"We just want [police] to keep, as long as it takes, keep trying to find the answers to what happen," Glabas continued, "so she can get the justice she deserves."

There are not enough pictures in the world to fill the void of losing a best friend or family member, especially with this mother of two little children.

"She had babies that she needed to be here for and a whole life ahead of her and it was taken from her," Glabas said.

But, maybe hanging precious memories, one by one, at least begins healing for those who loved Karrie Braswell.