20-year-old Augusta Tech student starts booming business selling handmade candles

Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2019
News 12 This Morning

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- It takes some time for some college students to figure out what their future will look like, but one Augusta Tech student is way ahead of the game.

20-year-old Evan Junkins' business started as a hobby, but sometimes things just fall into place.

"It started when I was a senior and I found my uncle's old candle making supplies," said Evan, the owner of Peach State Soy Candles.

He didn't know at the time, but his hobby turned into his business. As a professional candle maker, he's still using his uncle's supplies.

"It was in the summer between high school and going into college. I was like, 'I really enjoyed making these.' I'd give them out as gifts and everything and I was like, 'I could really turn this into something'."

Peach State Soy Candles continues to grow as a business as Junkins works to earn his degree in business management.

It's a passion Evan's mom didn't exactly see coming. He wasn't crazy about candles as a kid.

"Every time I would light one no matter where they were," said mom Valerie Junkins. "He would find it and he would blow everyone of them out. Now it's funny that it's all come 360, and now he's the one that's making the candles."

Evan handles almost every aspect of the business with help from his family. He makes his own labels, does his own branding, and sells them online and here locally.

"I'm going to try and keep going, keep growing the candle business. Maybe pick up a few more boutiques."

You may recognize his stand from the Augusta Farmers Market too. Evan still keeps his very first candle, to remind him where he started.

Click HERE to buy your own Peach State Soy Candle on Etsy. Or you can buy at Cotton and Chic Boutique and The Farmhouse Boutique at 6622 Washington Road, in Appling.

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