7-month-old on life support, mother and her boyfriend accused of starving her

Tuesday, July 2, 2019
News 12 at 6 o'clock/NBC at 7

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- A mother and her boyfriend have been charged with cruelty to children after a nurse reported that the mother’s 7-month-old child looked to be dehydrated, unresponsive, and malnourished.

"Code blue, wasn’t breathing and she is 6 lbs, six ounces," said a nurse to a 911 dispatcher.

The nurse called 911 as soon as she saw a little baby girl who looked to be dying.

"Baby didn’t have a pulse for 30 minutes, she's ice cold but they're working on her right now," said the nurse.

Dehydrated, unresponsive, and malnourish the 7-month-old is on a ventilator to stay alive. This is not the way a 7-month-old should have to live.

"If anybody knew, family or friends, they should have at least tried to get them so help," said Callie, a neighbor.

Family members say they did know the couple accused of this struggled with addiction.

“They both need help,” said a family member during an over the phone interview.

They did not know the child was in this condition.

"The lord had to step in somewhere and I guess he did. That baby, it is so sad that baby had to suffer for this," said the family member.

Investigators say Veronica Mims and her boyfriend Anthony Enriquez willfully caused cruel and excessive pain to the little girl.

Doctors found bed sores on her body which sadly makes sense to neighbors who say the child must have never left the home.

"I know for sure they wasn’t walking around here with a baby. I never even seen the mom or them carrying, a car seat, or even a car seat in the car or anything like that,” said Callie.

For now, they face charges of cruelty to children. They're in jail and denied bond while the baby is denied a full life.

The mother's public defender ​revealed in her bond hearing on Friday that she is currently pregnant. He claims this is why she needs to be granted bond so she can receive the medical attention she needs.