Fort Gordon building dedicated to soldier in the 82nd Airborne Division

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Wednesday, Dec. 11th, 2019

AUGUSTA, Ga ((WRDW/WAGT)) -- A building on Fort Gordon was dedicated to a soldier who died in the line of duty 16 years ago.

About 1500 soldiers walk the halls of the barracks each year. Now when they do, they'll be reminded of Sgt. Marshall L. Edgerton's legacy.

Sgt. Marshall Hunter Edgerton will never forget the day he lost his father, Sgt. Marshall L. Edgerton, a true American Hero.

"I still remember it, I mean it was hard I was only 7 so it was hard to process like what the gravity of it was," said Sgt. Marshall H. Edgerton.

16 years ago his dad Sgt. Marshall L. Edgerton died when he volunteered to take on another soldier's duties so he could eat. He got in an Iraqi vehicle to escort it onto the base when he noticed something was wrong and let out a warning.
Moments later the driver detonated an explosive.

"I was in my communications shop in Baghdad when we got the news and all we were told was that one soldier had saved the lives of thousands based on their act," said General Eubank.

Sgt. Marshall H. Edgerton said, "He did something most of us could never even fathom doing."

That day sealed his son's fate.

Sgt. Marshall H. Edgerton said, "After he passed away it just kind of sealed the deal, I was going to join the Army, I was going to go to Airborne school and that was it."

Sgt. Marshall L. Edgerton's memory is one that won't be easily forgotten. It lives on through his son, he said, "I just try and be the best I can and you know spread his story and his legacy as best I can."

It also lives on in this barracks, dedicated to him for making the ultimate sacrifice.

Sgt. Marshall H. Edgerton said, "Everybody that's coming into the Signal Corps is going to pass through this barracks you're going to see his story so it's going to be remembered."

Sgt. Marshall L. Edgerton was a Signal Soldier himself, he passed away on December 11th, 2003.