2017 video shows Georgia officer trying to tase Ahmaud Arbery

Ahmaud Arbery, 25, was shot on Feb. 23 while jogging in a neighborhood that had recently been the target of several break-ins. (Source: CNN)
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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

SAVANNAH, Ga. — A video shows police in Georgia attempting to search Ahmaud Arbery’s parked car in 2017 and when he refuses to let them and begins to walk back to the vehicle an officer tries to tase him.

The video, first obtained by The Guardian, shows Arbery refusing Glynn County police when they ask to search his Toyota and as he walks toward his vehicle he is told “keep your hands out your pockets.”

Editor's note: The video is available to watch on YouTube at https://youtu.be/1v7o_6uI9R0. We're not embedding it in this story because of the expletives and other strong language in it, but you can use the link above to see it for yourself.

The officer then pulls the taser and attempts to use it but it malfunctions. Arbery was killed Feb. 23 after a pursuit by a white father and son, Gregory and Travis McMichael, who armed themselves and gave chase after seeing the 25-year-old black man running in their subdivision.

They said they thought he was a burglar.

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Released Monday, the video isn't the only one that's emerged.

From Oct. 25, 2019, to Feb. 23, 2020, home security footage captures at least eight different instances of people visiting the home under construction that’s at the center of Arbery’s death.

”Not so much as a screwdriver or a hammer has ever gone missing and nothing has ever been damaged,” said attorney Elizabeth Graddy, who represents the property owner Larry English.

A couple, children on two occasions, and a black male several times -- Ahmaud’s family only confirmed the Feb. 23 video was him.

The activity at the property led the owner, Larry English, to reach out to an officer. But his lawyer notes it was never to report it as a crime but to make sure people were safe.

They believe in a December video, the person may have walked through the site to drink water from an old faucet, which people used when the lot was previously vacant.

“And then he kind of eased into a jog and that’s exactly how it looked. That he’s running back into the neighborhood not like he’s fleeing,” Graddy said.

Although English and his lawyer Graddy do not know for certain why each person came onto the property, they do know, however, no crime appears to have ever happened.

Meanwhile, the McMichaels’ lawyers maintain the pursuit and shooting were justified. The lawyers claim there's been a rush to judgment and evidence released in court will allow for the truth to come out.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation did confirm it is investigating additional video in the case. The property owner says all the information has been turned over to authorities.

From reports by WRDW's Ciara Cummings as well as The Associated Press