Top 5 most dangerous Richmond County intersections

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Friday, August 14, 2015

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- You never know when or where you could get into a car crash, but there are some intersections in Augusta where its more likely to happen. We all know roads we drive everyday, but would rather avoid. Intersections with bumper to bumper traffic that make the most experienced driver anxious.

Sonya Ransom says being on some of these roads makes her nervous and she is more aware after her wake up call on Deans Bridge Rd at Lumpkin Rd. She says she got in an accident at the intersection after she mistakenly drove forward at a turning lane. But Sonya says this was more than careless driving. She says the intersection is a problem area. Richmond County traffic division says the Deans bridge at Lumpkin Rd. intersection doesn't even land in the top ten dangerous intersections in Augusta.

Richmond County says the Top 5 this year, producing the most crashes are:
Washington Rd. at Stevens Creek
Deans Bridge at Richmond Hill
Peach Orchard at Tobacco
Washington Rd. at I-20

And topping that list is Deans Bridge at Gordon Highway, which has seen 55 crashes since January.

"Well Gordon Hwy and Deans Bridge is a major artery, so there is a lot of traffic there," said Richmond County Traffic Division Cpl. Chuck Benson

But numbers can be deceiving. Benson says a high accident count does not necessarily mean its a dangerous intersection

"Obviously if you have more cars you have more chances of an accident," said Benson.

Benson says they do whatever they can to make the roadways safer on their end

"We can help to correct drivers habits through enforcement however the roadway has to be redesigned either through Georgia DOT or Richmond County traffic engineers," said Benson.

Georgia DOT officials say safety was the top priority for the I-520 changes. Making room for all the traffic going to Fort Gordon and Plant Vogtle during the morning and afternoon rush hours. Improvements are also planned for the Gordon Highway, Deans Bridge Rd. intersection. The $885,000 project to reconstruct the intersection has not started yet, But officials say it should be complete by the end of February next year.