Todd Gurley Law could be first bill to hit Georgia floor

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News 12 6pm/ Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) --- The University of Georgia is appealing an NCAA ruling Georgia fans and law makers are not happy about.

Star running back Todd Gurley is still on suspension after admitting he got $3000 for signing autographs and memorabilia. News 12 caught up with Governor Nathan Deal and a local law maker who is putting together the Todd Gurley Law.

A suspension that started in between the hedges in Athens is grabbing attention at the Georgia Capital.

"We've talked about making house bill number one, which is always something important," State Rep Barry Flemming told News 12.

News 12 was the first to tell you about the Todd Gurley Law state Flemming is putting together.

"This is something that we don't need folks doing. Enticing college athletes to do things they shouldn't do and then making a profit off of that," Flemming said.

Todd Gurley is suspended by the NCAA for signing autographs for profit, but Flemming says the real problem is the guy who was trying to sell his story to the media about buying autographs off of Gurley not seeing punishment.

"We want to take the ill-gotten gains away from this guy who did this to Todd Gurley," he said.

If the law passes Flemming says tipping off authorities will be the main way to catch these people. Georgia's top law maker is backing the call.

"I am disappointed. It doesn't seem like they have uniformed punishment in terms of those who have violated the rules," Georgia Governor Nathan Deal said.

Gurley suspension started October 9th and should end Nov. 15 unless UGA wins its appeal, but for now Gurley's law has the governor approval and signature if it comes across his desk.

The Todd Gurley Law won't hit the house floor until January.