Students giving up spring break to work during the Masters

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, April 8, 2015

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW)-- Many people are working behind the scenes during Masters week.

"We have to be here at 6:00 am and we don't get off of here until 10:30 pm, maybe later so we're running on three to four hours of sleep every night," Danessa Burnette said.

They're busy serving people from all over the world. Many of them are college students, spending their spring breaks hard at work.

"All your friends are going off to the beach are vacationing enjoying their spring break you're working, you're not just working eight hours you're working constantly all day on your feet talking to people," Burnette said.

Danessa Burnette is a junior at Augusta Tech. She's been working Masters week at Executive Marketing Services for four years now.

"You do get a lot of social experiences and interactions with people you normally wouldn't," she said.

But its not always fun and games.

"Honestly doing your job on very little sleep I would have to say by day six you start getting a little bit delirious and everything starts getting really funny," Burnette said.

And even though some of these students are giving up a spring break, Burnette said it's worth it.

"While you're here you're saying I'm never going to come back this is so difficult I'm so tired my feet hurt, but after everything is said and done you realize what a great experience it is and what an amazing opportunity it is to be here and be a part of something so great," she said.

A great event presenting even more opportunities for the future.

"Work-wise it open doors for me because I got asked by the company to go work the U.S. Open," Burnette said.

All of these workers go from Sunday to Sunday.