South Carolina law makers pushing for more gun education

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Sunday, December 28th, 2014

AIKEN, SC (WRDW)- Kids already have English,science, and history class, but South Carolina lawmakers want to add one more.

A right to bear arms, a right some South Carolina law makers don't want students to forget.

"People say that's the amendment that helps keep all others," said owner of Aiken Gun Rack Range, Chuck Scott.

A bill hitting the house floor at the first of the year, could make your kids a lot more gun savvy. The bill would designate December 15th second amendment awareness day.

"I think a second amendment day is a great thing. It's very cool," said Scott.

It's not just one day devoted to gun rights, but three weeks. The NRA will develop the curriculum.

"Kids need to know what it's about and why it's so important and that's what sets us apart from other countries," said Scott.

After they learn about the second amendment they may want to pick a gun and learn to shoot. One bill will allow them to do that at school. It will create a marksmanship class and, South Carolina gun safety program.

"The earlier kids learn to be safe and have proper instruction the safer they're going to be and the less accidents they're going to have," said Scott.

In 2010, 15,576 children and teenagers were injured by firearms
across the country guns kill twice as many children and young people than cancer, five times as many than heart disease and 15 times more than infection, but Chuck Scott thinks this will make those numbers decline.

"I think accidental shootings will be a thing of the past It will take a lot of the mystic out of handling that fire arm. That's when kids in to trouble when they want to show them their dad's gun or their mom's gun," said Scott.

Having guns in school is a hot button issue, but Scott thinks it's for the better.

"Education is not dangerous having kids well educated about firearms lets them make their own choices and just will help. The more educated they are about the whole process the better citizens they'll be," said Scott.

It will all come to a vote the first of the year.