South Carolina Senator pushing to strengthen gun laws

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News 12 This Morning, Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

CHARLESTON, SC (WRDW)- Senator Marlon Kimpson is working to strengthen gun laws in the state a month after the tragic church shooting in Charleston killing 9 members.

Sen. Kimpson wants to ban assault weapons which could have an affect on South Carolina's economy. More gun manufactures have moved to the Palmetto state because of their gun laws.

Last year, one company brought hundreds of jobs and tax dollars by moving their company to Aynor because they couldn't sell their guns in some northern states. Right now, their guns are sold here in Aiken pumping money into our local economy.

Another proposal by the senator will tighten up back ground checks.
It will insure state information that is not available on federal background checks is not missed.

In the case of Dylann Roof, the alleged church shooter, an FBI examiner looked at Roof's background when he tried to buy a gun, and never saw an arrest report that police say he admitted to possessing drugs which would have not allowed him to buy a gun. The transaction went through after three days because the examiner didn't have enough information to authorize or deny it.

The proposal will also require background checks through SLED and the federal system before a sale is complete.

He wants to create a gun registration system to track guns. Right now, a firearm owner is not required to report a lost or stolen gun. In 2012, a report done by ATF shows that nearly 6,000 guns were stolen in South Carolina in one year.

Senator Kimpson will pre-file the bills in the Georgia Assembly.