Should government tell local business owners to not allow smoking?

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News12 at 6 o'clock/ Nov. 7th, 2013

Augusta,Ga (WRDW)---Get ready to start seeing more Breathe Easy Commercials. The grass roots effort is lobbying the city to impose a tobacco ban in night clubs, bars, and any other workplace that allows it.

Earlier this week, commissioners voted against the ordinance, snuffing it out for the 2nd time in recent years. City leaders say the decision had nothing to do with smoke.

"It ought to be a decision on the business owner not as the government telling the private sector what to do," said Commissioner Joe Jackson.

It's pretty much the reason 6 commissioners voted against the ordinance and it's something that had supporters fuming.

"I'm really sad to say that we may be the last. Other cities have done it and many others are very progressive," Breathe Easy Augusta Member Jennifer Anderson.

Members says their main focus is to try to keep people who don't smoke at work away from second hand smoke.

"I've seen deputies in patrol cars flick cigarettes out of a county owned car. Why do we want to go even further into private business," said Commissioner Joe Jackson.

"Hopefully we can have a consensus on something. I think we need to take that step forward. Augusta is very health conscious community," said Commissioner Corey Johnson.

Who's rights will win in the end the smokers, employees, or business owners? Breathe Easy is just hoping everyone will be able to well breathe easy.