Rick Allen, John Barrow get heated at debate after location controversy

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News 12 @ 11 o'clock / Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014

EVANS, Ga (WRDW) -- After much debate, Rick Allen and John Barrow did have their debate Saturday.

The two candidates for District 12 congressman called off the debate earlier this week after some controversy over location. Representatives for John Barrow tell News 12 that Barrow never had any intention to pull out of the debate.

It was definitely heated leading up to the debate, and it was heated during it as well. Both candidates covered everything from local jobs to securing the border.

Tensions ran high today between Rick Allen and John Barrow.

"You know why we can't have a bipartisanship in this country? Because you can't trust people like John Barrow," Allen said.

"What he said about my record isn't remotely true. What they know about my record is that I vote with them," Barrow said.

Both candidates addressed voters this afternoon at the Evans Government Complex, but for a while, even that was up for debate.

"I think John Barrow should be asked the question, why he insisted the debate be held in the Islamic Center?" Allen asked.

"I did not insist the debate be held in any location. I accepted an invitation that had been extended honorably," Barrow replied.

The debate was hosted by the Islamic Society of Augusta, but it was originally supposed to be held at the Islamic Community Center.

"He accepted the time and he accepted the place. Then it was offered to us, and we accepted it," Barrow said.

"The idea behind this is we want to make everyone feel welcome at every facility," Allen said.

And although they ultimately agreed on a facility, they didn't agree on much else.

"How is he going to balance the budget and pay for health care? It will not happen John," Allen said.

"Peach care and Christ Community Health, these are examples of the kinds of things we lose of Mr. Allen does what he says he's going to do," Barrow replied.

Divided on many issues, but united on one.

"I ask for your vote and I'd be proud to have your support," Barrow concluded.

"You vote for me and the choice is clear," Allen said.

There's only about one month until the election so both candidates still have a lot of campaigning to do. But both sides are definitely fighting hard for the votes, and they have different views on many issues.