Paine College's Interim President Samuel Sullivan reinstated after morning rally

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Friday, Oct. 17, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- News 12 has learned Samuel Sullivan has been reinstated as Paine College's interim president.

Just hours after hundreds of students, faculty and alumni gathered on the steps of the college's chapel to protest Sullivan getting fired earlier this week. The college tells us Sullivan was meeting with the board of trustees Friday afternoon and later confirmed his reinstatement.

A lot of administrative changes for the school over the last few months, and protesters said they just want Dr. Sullivan back. They said they believe he is their hope for a better future and they got what they were fighting for.

The school has been under the microscope for months now. They were placed on probation in June because of financial issues. Sullivan replaced Dr. George Bradley in September after he retired. Weeks before that Vice President Brandon Brown was fired. He's now suing the college for wrongful termination.

Last night, school leaders met with students to discuss all of the changes. It all culminated in the protest today with a message they want Paine leaders to hear.

"With the new leadership we're trying to understand and make sure our school is stable. We want to make sure that we will still have accreditation as well as stay an open school," said Maya Stephens, Paine Student Government Association Vice President.

Protestors say they still want board chairman Dr. Silas Norman out and if he doesn't resign, they'll keep pushing forward and take it to court. The board of trustees is meeting today and tomorrow to talk about Paine's future.

Friday, Oct. 17, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Paine College's Interim President Samuel Sullivan has been reinstated after this morning's rally, the college said.

Educators and students at Paine College protested the firing of Interim President Dr. Samuel Sullivan and other management issues. The goal of the rally was to get Sullivan reinstated. Sullivan took over in September after former Paine College President Dr. George C. Bradley decided to retire.

Paine College has not said why Sullivan was terminated in the first place.

Paine College students were spotted outside of Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel refusing to go in Founder's Day Convocation. This week marks Paine College's homecoming week.

Students met with leaders Thursday afternoon to discuss recent changes on campus.

On Monday, Former Senior Vice President Brandon Brown sued the college for wrongful termination, according to court documents. Brown's suing for $420,000 and claims the termination was a breach of contract. was pushing for changes at Paine College as leaders face accreditation concerns, two on-campus shootings and Brown's DUI arrest in June. It is not known if The Paine Project is a part of Friday's rally.


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