Mother of 8 killed in car accident on Peach Orchard Road

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Friday, July 18, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A deadly accident on Peach Orchard Road last night leaves 8 children without a mother and a man behind bars.

Branden Ross, 43, is charged with DUI, reckless driving and first degree vehicular manslaughter. Deputies say he was racing another car on Peach Orchard Road when he slammed into Donnetta McCullum's car.

"She loved life. She was dancing in the kitchen," said Ashley Newton, McCullum's daughter.

Two sisters are left without a mom after an accident took the life of 50-year-old Donnetta McCullum.

"She was a provider, a comforter, a nuturor, she was my best friend," said her daughter Channing McCullum.

Family meant everything to the mother of eight. She had four children and adopted four more when her brother couldn't care for them anymore. Her daughters say mom was on her way to the grocery store to make dinner for her family. Deputies say she was making a left turn when Branden Ross hit her. Investigators believe he was racing another car into that busy intersection.

"It's not fair because your actions took somebody away from this world. took our rock," said Newton.

Deputies say they're still looking to find the other driver involved in that race.

Who will also face charges for the accident.

"It just make you mad and angry because what are you racing for?" said Newton.

The intersection leaving the Pepperridge neighborhood has cars flying by one after the other, and those who live here say it can be dangerous.

People who live in Pepperridge say they'll leave out of the main entrance even if it's a little further out of their way just because there's a stop light at this intersection. Where the accident happened there's not one. McCullum's family and neighbors say they want a red light here and they say they hope it doesn't take another death before they get it.

"It's a dangerous area. Dangerous. You really have to take your time and patience to look," said Newton.

McCullum says she'll do whatever it takes to get a light put there so hopefully another family doesn't have to edure the same pain. For now, the sisters are relying on pictures, memories and loved ones.

"They comforted us. They prayed with us. They kept us in their prayers, and I know they still are," said McCullum.

Doctors will perform an autopsy on McCullum on Saturday. In the meantime, deputies will continue to search for the other driver.