More gun manufacturers moving to the Palmetto State

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

AIKEN S.C. (WRDW)- Made in South Carolina. Those words will now be on rifles sold in Aiken, now that one rifle manufacturer has moved down south.

More rifles are making their way to the Palmetto State.

"Unfortunately the Newtown events happend and a lot they kind of made our rifle technically illegal to build in the state," said PTR associate Bill Demers.

More and more gun manufacturors are moving down south, and for Connecticut-based PTR Industries they didnt have much of a choice.

"We really never got an answer back about legalities what we're doing but as far as we were concerned we were sitting there with thousands of felonies in the buliding," said Demers.

PTR says the decision to leave gun valley and come to South Carolina was an easy one.
It's because of the state's gun laws. They say in New York, Maryland and Connecticut, their rifles aren't allowed, but here they're openly welcomed and easy to use.

PTR industries makes 40 different rifles, and they're looking down the barrel hoping to bring more to South Carolina than a good shot.

The company is in Aynor, South Carolina. They've added hundreds of jobs and tax dollars.
Even though they're not located locally, they are sold here. It's defintely bringing in cash in Aiken

"Wherever it's sold in the state it brings money into that local economy, and most South Carolinians are very glad to see the companies coming here," said Aiken Gun Rack owner Chuck Scott.

The gun rack has had 20,000 dollars in sales since they got the new guns.
PTR isn't the only company that's moved down south. Ithica Gun Company and ATI have also set up shop in South Carolina and more may be on the way.

"There are companies that are rumored to come here," said Scott.

"Other gun companies we're hoping they're going to take that same welcoming of knowing they can be in a state that's going to support the manufacturing of firearms and not going to change the laws," said Demers.

For south carolina gun owners they're happy with the state's law.

"You've got your rights to carry, you have to go to classes if you want to carry a gun here in other states you can't carry it," said Darren Petruschke

"Unfortunately our voice was'nt heard so we came to where it could be heard," said Demers.

To thank the state, PTR industries made their own South Carolina rifle, and gave it to our local representatives Bill Taylor and Chip Limehouse.