Local coffee company plans to help Boston police officers

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Sunday, May 12, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- John Curry and his wife, Pat, own a unique coffee business here in Augusta.

"We're coffee roasters. We roast the coffee fresh. So, when we sell a bag of coffee, it was usually roasted that day or the day before," Curry said.

But some of the bags he's grinding on Mother's Day are going somewhere special. About 2,600 cups of free coffee will be shipped out Monday to Boston, but Curry says they aren't going to be free to just anyone.

"The Boston Police Department and police departments in their surrounding area -- in Watertown and MIT," Curry said.

Curry says a friend helped them cover most of the cost and that this act of kindness wasn't about the money.

"From the beginning it was send a cup of coffee to a police officer for the work that they do and did in apprehending the terrorist," Curry said.

And even though all these bags are ready to go to Boston on Monday, Curry says that's not all.

"We'll be roasting on Tuesday another 20 bags to send out. So, that's a total of 72 bags of coffee," he said.

Seventy-two bags are about 2,610 cups of coffee, and Curry promises the officers in Boston will remember his coffee for one reason.

"The freshness of the coffee is what makes the difference," Curry said.

A simple drink to remember the officers who made a difference on April 15.

If you want to help, contact John Curry at Buona Caffe:
1837 Central Ave Augusta, Ga