Local Homecoming Queen prepares for trip to meet the President

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Jan. 26, 2015/ News 12 at 6 o' clock

AUGUSTA, Ga.--It's a fairytale story complete with a crown. Adejah Nesbitt is the Josey High School Homecoming Queen, who happens to have autism, but she's never let that define her.

She was chosen from students all over the country to be there when a new bill is signed helping kids with disabilities.

Tammy Holley is a Special Education Teacher at T.W. Josey High School. She says all of her students are special, but not because of their disabilities. They're special because of their individual gifts.

"You don't look at Adejah and say, oh, she's a special needs child. You look at Adejah and say, look at that smile!" said Holley.

It's true. Her smile is contagious, and when Adejah walks through the halls of Josey High School, she isn't 'the girl with autism, she's the queen. But, Holley says she hasn't always been this way.

"When Adejah came in, she was real quiet and she would just repeat everything I would say," said Holley.

But, over the years, with help from great teachers and friends, Adejah has blossomed.

"The student body here at Josey is very protective of our special needs kids. It's amazing to me they do that," said Holley. "I know sometimes people have special needs children and they think God has punished them for some reason, but they're not. God has given them the most beautiful thing in the entire world."

Students selected Adejah as their Homecoming Queen this past fall. Her brother made a YouTube video of his sister being crowned that got a lot of attention, right up to the White House.

Adejah will be travelling to D.C. soon to meet the President as he signs a law that will help families with special needs kids save money for the future. The ABLE Act will allow families with special needs kids to put money away in a savings account, up to $100,000, to plan for the future without risking eligibility for Social Security and other government programs.