UPDATE| Hyde Park residents given ninety day notice to move out

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Friday, April 15, 2016

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Housing and Community Development Director Hawthorne Welcher says Hyde Park Residents got 90 day notices to move out.

He says the handful of residents still living there are all looking for new homes. All of the neighbors should be out within the next few months.

Once all of the residents have moved out, the engineering department will move forward with plans to turn Hyde Park into a detention pond. First crews will have to demolish all of the homes there.

Friday, Jan. 15, 2016
AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) --The city has been moving people out of Hyde Park for years because of flooding and contamination threats, but it isn't working for everyone. Some people are still stuck in Hyde Park with no way out.

Alice Thomas' home she grew up in and uses as a rental property and uses as a rental property

"How would you like to pay for something that's being destroyed," Thomas said.

She says as soon as people in Hyde Park are moved out, looters move in.

"When she moves out my house is going to be picked apart," Thomas said.

"Cody that's a hard pill to swallow, you gotta pay for something and it's being torn down," Thomas said.

She's tried to keep the house looking nice over the years, but her tenant is moving out today, since the city is relocating her. Now, Alice will be stuck with the mortgage that she can't pay.

Alice wants to know hwy she hasn't been paid for her home, like her neighbors on the streets around her.

"My turn has come and it's gone and I'm still waiting," Thomas said.

Up and down the streets of Hyde Park you'll see a lot of gutted homes and broken windows and it's not only Alice whose waiting to get out.

14 other homeowners are watching their neighborhood fall apart and rot around them, as they wait for the city to give them answers.

"They don't have enough money to pay me or the homeowners that still own land here they said they don't have the money for that," Thomas said.

After multiple attempts to contact city leaders and pleading with commissioners at a commission meeting two weeks ago, Alice still can't get any answers.

"They asked me to give them ten days and I gave them ten and I called them yesterday and they still have no answers for me.Which way do I go? What do I do," Thomas said.

Augusta Housing Director Hawthorne Welcher told me he "was unavailable to comment on this matter." The city administrator said "We are not in a position to speak about that.."

Commissioner Dennis Williams who represents the area says it's a long process and Alice will have to wait.

"Her house has been appraised there's a value set on her house so that property value or appraisal value will be used when it comes time to address individuals who own land," Commissioner Dennis Williams said.

So, some answers for Alice, but still no money in hand.