GRU makes video game to help kids learn reading skills

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News 12 First at Five / Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Georgia Regents University is putting good use to a $60,000 grant. They're making a video game for kids just starting school -- helping them learn to read. They say a similar DVD has already been successful.

Now they're trying to continue the success by making a video game. Reading is fundamental and not reading is detrimental, especially to kids who have just started school.

"It's not, 'Here is the ball.' It's language involvement that expands their knowledge base," said GRU Professor Paulette.

Thanks to a federal grant, Georgia Regents University was able to make 20,000 DVDs aimed at improving kids' reading skills.

"The results were a 20-point gain on the average for the Peabody vocabulary test. It tests their receptive vocabulary," Harris said.

"This goes into the homes of kids who don't have many books in the home. It may be single-parent homes where the parent has very little time to read," said Professor Walter Evans.

Now they're using another grant to build a video game focused on improving reading skills.

"We intend to help as many kids as inexpensively as we can," Evans said.

The video game will be a lot like the DVD. The game will be more interactive to help kids understand concepts better.

"They have heard so many classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales.They include long sentences and multisyllabic words," Evans said.