Controversy surrounds Augusta NAACP presidential vote

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News 12 @ 11' O Clock / Monday, Nov. 16, 2015

AUGUSTA, Ga. ( WRDW) -- "I mean that was just a slap in the face to these victims, to the whole integrity of the organization," said Jessie Willard.

Jessie Willard has been fighting to see Dr. Charles Smith locked away for his alleged crimes for years.

"I am just amazed that we are still here," said Jessie Willard.

Smith is accused of sexually abusing students while he was a band director at T.W. Josey high school.

"A lot of victims, covering a lot of years, telling the same story," said Jessie Willard.

It's a story Jesse's foundation, I breath, I rise, felt compelled to tell in this video.

"You all are supporting this predator. You are allowing him to be the president of an organization that is supposed to protect people like me from people like him," said Ebony Harvey in the documentary, Breaking The Silence of the Sonic Boom.

The woman talking in the video is telling her story as an adult, but Harvey claims she was just a child when the abuse started.

"As an adult going back and reading it. I felt like I was reading it about my daughter, and I was so angry I wanted to do something," said Harvey.

So, she is.

Ebony and Willard alongside I breathe, I Rise and Jukeboxx Movement are all protesting an election they say should not be happening.

"He tried to take away my dignity. Tried to make me feel like I wasn't good enough to be respected because of where I come from," said Harvey. "It's not fair to us who have to be under his leadership, his authority or even be in the same environment as Smith. It's not fair to us," said Harvey.

Harvey says it's really going to come down to the members who can vote to keep him out.

"To the people at home who say they don't want anything to do with it , or they are not going to vote, well we are depending on them to do the right thing because we can't vote," said Harvey.

Members can vote at ANIC building on Laney Walker Blvd. from 4 to 9:30 pm. We reached out to Dr. Charles Smith about the protest and the election tomorrow, but he declined to talk to us.